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  • Integrated Financial Wellness, LLC

  • 219 West Colorado Ave, Suite 306
    Colorado Springs, CO 80903
  • Map and Directions
  • Phone: 719-257-4901
  • Fax: 719-257-4903

Our office is located downtown Colorado Springs, inside the Trestle Building at 219 W. Colorado Ave, Suite 306, 80903.

Directions from Colorado Avenue:

  • NOTE: Google Maps / Navigation will instruct you to turn South at the light on the west side of the bridge toward America the Beautiful Park but this is incorrect.
  • Turn NORTH onto West Colorado Ave at the light on Colorado Ave on the west side of the bridge.
  • You will do a cloverleaf north and go past the building with a painted roof, advertising "Fly COS" with the zoo animals.
  • Continue under the bridge to the south.  Once past the bridge, turn into the parking lot directly in front of the Trestle Building.  The Trestle Building has big concrete decrative columns and a steal structure connected at the top.  The back of the Trestle Building is on the railroad.
  • Enter the building main doors and go up the stairs to your right.  Turn left at the top of the stairs and walk to the first door past the atrium opening to Suite 306.

Please call our office at 719-257-4901 for assistance. 

We look forward to seeing you soon!