Michelle Morin

Financial Advisor

Michelle Morin has been a Financial Advisor since 2015. She has lived in Colorado since 1981. She has 4 children and two German Shepherd dogs. In her spare time, Michelle can be found working out at the gym or teaching self-defense at her Israeli Krav Maga school.

Michelle graduated from UCCS in 1992 with a Bachelor of Arts in two majors: Accounting and Information Systems. She worked in the Technology world for several years until she became a mom. She then worked from home as a full-time mom and part time small business owner. When her youngest child entered school, she began her career as a Financial Advisor.

Michelle began her pursuit of investing in the stock market at the age of 18. She was blessed with a trusted Financial Advisor for most of her adult life, who was at her side, wisely assisting through all seasons. Michelle experienced the benefits of disciplined financial investing over decades for herself and understood the tremendous benefit that her own Financial Advisor brought into her life through the ups and downs. Michelle knew that in a like manner, she could help others succeed and bring the same unique assistance to her own clients.

Michelle started her Financial Advisory career at Waddell & Reed in 2015, then moved to a smaller firm in 2017. In March 2023, the opportunity to expand her business offerings, thus providing an even greater value for her clients brought her to J.W. Cole Advisors, Inc..

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